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» Okay, I admit this first one isn't directly related to web design other than its potential to integrate hand-written design drawings and notes and thoughts with notes on online material in whatever form which would be a boon to any designer. If I'm really honest, it's just pure geek gadget appeal. Go check out the video on the new still-semi-secret Microsoft Courier tablet gadget. Two geek thumbs up here.

» There is a new online design collaboration tool that offers a lot,

It's very well put together. You can use it for free for up to 3 private projects and unlimited public projects. Or for unlimited private projects you can switch to their monthly subscription format which for right now is on a unique kind of sale: you pay what you choose to pay for a monthly fee via Paypal.

» In checking some info for someone else, I looked at some of Apache's documentation on htaccess and was surprised to note that the documentation appears to have been re-written and re-organized since I last referenced it which was at least 3 years ago, perhaps more. (A quick check of Wayback Machine reveals it must have been sometime in 2005 since it was redone as of Feb. 2006 which sounds about right.) Guess I should check back a little more often.

» If the Apache documentation doesn't meet your needs, Joseph Pecoraro has provided a terrific alternative in these two very clearly written tutorials on htaccess and one of its most powerful aspects, mod_rewrite. These tutorials are both available on Nettuts but Joseph has added some additional material at his website, try out here and created a zip file of the examples so that you can download them and see just how he did them.

» One of my WiseWomen colleagues also recommended this tutorial on URL Rewriting for Beginners with accompanying downloadable cheat sheets by Dave Child on mod_rewrite and regular expressions.

» Tim Brown at Nice Web Type has a tutorial on how to create text with a gradient via CSS and typekit and without using any images. It's pretty straightforward and another great tool to add to the CSS toolkit.

» Elliot Jay Stock penned a little rant on the misuse of its versus it's and it brought a tide of comments in agreement including my own.

It always amazes me when I arrive on a web designer/developer's website and find such misspellings, particularly on the landing page. A recent one which shall go unnamed had 5 such misspellings including the classic it's when it should have been its. I broke down and sent that web developer an email using their contact form mentioning the misspellings.

I know that not all web developers profess to be expert copy writers as well but for heaven's sake, use a spell checker. Or get someone you know to be a "bit of a pedant" to proofread your website.

I think web designers and developers need to understand that their site is, in a very real way, their resume that they're sending to a potential employer. And as someone who worked in executive recruiting for some time, I can tell you that resumes with misspellings and basic grammar errors get discarded.

I'm sure websites do too for just the same reasons. Pay attention to detail including the spelling and grammar on your website.

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Design Link Roundup
» Okay, I admit this first one isn't directly related to web design other than its potential to integrate hand-written…
Design Link Roundup
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