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» From Ross Johnson's 3.7 Design blog comes a dissection of web typography technique in "10 Examples of Beautiful CSS Typography and how they did it...". If you choose only one link to check out, choose this one. He does a great job exploring how subtle CSS changes produce very effective headlines and copy.

» Nathan at Unit Interactive has compiled a list of web font stacks that any web designer serious about typography will appreciate. What's a web font stack? Why is this list so good? Well, check out his explanation of stacks and how he organizes them. The value add on his list of suggested font stack combinations is his identification whether they're better for "paragraphs and body copy" or "headlines and titles".

» Megan McDermott at A Padded Cell put together a "Complete Guide to Pre-Installed Fonts in Linux, Mac, and Windows". It's useful if you want to vary the fonts used in your design but need to pay attention to the variety of fonts available to viewers of your site. One note: the list was published in late 2007 and does not include the fonts which come along with a standard install of Vista. has a list of the Vista fonts.

» Carrying on with the typography theme, there's this 5-part tutorial from Mark Boulton, "Five simple steps to better typography". It's not new but his integration of typography with basic web design points is a good intro for those who aren't at all familiar with print typography basics. This is another blog where some of the commenters are as well-known as the writer and the comments educational as well.

» If you found yourself wondering what some of the terms meant, the glossary from the award-winning The Evolution of Type site by design group mediumbold will be useful.

» For those seriously interested in learning more about accessible web design, here's a comprehensive introduction to the craft: Dive Into Accessibility It's a 30-day education plan with a tutorial each day which introduces a new accessibility point or concept. Well worth the time.

» Here's two more tips on improving typography appearance on Win XP systems:

- Turn on Cleartype on Win XP with following steps: Right-click Desktop > select Properties > select Appearance > select Effects > click the second Check Box > select Clear Type from the drop down

- Download the new Vista fonts by installing the free PowerPoint Viewer 2007 which includes the new fonts. [via Lifehacker]

1 Comment


Great information and the value add on his list of suggested font stack combination is his identification whether they're better for paragraphs and body copy.

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Design Link Roundup
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Design Link Roundup
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