Design Link Roundup


» This app, MyFontbook, has just rated its own link on my bookmarklets lineup. It's something every web designer will appreciate. Definitely worth taking the time to do the free registration. Interface is very intuitive. Do check out the video on using it.

» Jon Raasch has a great summary of the current methods of embedding custom fonts and the pro's and con's of each.

» Alexandra at Design Notes has uncovered some interesting new jquery scripts. [via @andysowards]

» From time to time, issues with caching come up on our wisewomen list. After doing some searching the last time around, I ran across this backgrounder on caching that is the best thing I've seen for an all-around intro.

Check out the Table of Contents

  1. What's a Web Cache? Why do people use them?
  2. Kinds of Web Caches
    1. Browser Caches
    2. Proxy Caches
  3. Aren't Web Caches bad for me? Why should I help them?
  4. How Web Caches Work
  5. How (and how not) to Control Caches
    1. HTML Meta Tags vs. HTTP Headers
    2. Pragma HTTP Headers (and why they don't work)
    3. Controlling Freshness with theExpires HTTP Header
    4. Cache-Control HTTP Headers
    5. Validators and Validation
  6. Tips for Building a Cache-Aware Site
  7. Writing Cache-Aware Scripts
  8. Frequently Asked Questions
  9. Implementation Notes -- Web Servers
  10. Implementation Notes -- Server-Side Scripting
  11. References and Further Information
  12. About This Document

» Just for Fridays, do stop by "There, I Fixed It: Epic Kludges + Jury Rigs" and have a good laugh. Page back through the older entries if you've never visited before. There's some real "brainiacs" out there... just the ones for which the Darwin awards were created.

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Design Link Roundup
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Design Link Roundup
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